I've been a caregiver for a few years now and I've never had a hard time with this, but one of the residents at my AL AFC is a 30/70% chance of letting me get him changed at night (NOC) and I am really wondering what to do. Redirection doesn't work. I've explained all the risks to refusal and really try to figure out why he doesn't want to, but it's usually a 'don't want to' and that's it. He has very limited mobility and a lot of chronic pain so it is very important to keep him as clean as we can. As there is only 1 person on NOC I do not have the ability to ask for assistance unless I were to wake my manager and drag them out. He isn't a difficult change but getting him to agree is very hard.

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IMO, he needs to be in LTC not Assisted living.
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If this resident is refusing care - report to your Manager.

If the resident is 2 x assist, then he is 2 x assist.

If this resident is refusing care often he may require a higher level of care - one where 2 staff can attend him each time.
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Most men appreciate a male Caregiver. Modesty.
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I'd bump this question up the chain of command, asking for a meeting to discuss strategies and following what they recommend is what needs to be done in order to CYA and who knows, they might even have some helpful advice.
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Are you asking if you can change him now ?
If so , don’t ask.

Say “ It’s time to get freshened up quick “ .
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