My mom has been on hospice for over a year now. Her nurse has come every Wednesday at 4:00, with a few exceptions. The Social Worker and the Dr. Both call the day they want to come, and have even gone so far as to just "show up" because they are leaving town. I need an appointment set at least the day before so someone is here to let them in. Is this typical behavior for hospices or should I look for a new one?

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I understand your need. I also understand the need for flexibility in hospice scheduling. In a way, they are always operating in crisis mode and it is hard to predict (I suppose) when they will need to make "emergency" calls.

In many cases the person on hospice cannot be left alone, so there is always someone there to answer the door. Since you situation is different you can express your wishes to the hospice staff and perhaps they can try to accommodate you.

You can call around, but I kind of doubt other hospice organizations will guarantee a 24-hour notice.

I am impressed, by the way, that the doctor visits. We never saw the doctor, but my husband was only on hospice 5 weeks. I think we saw a social worker twice.
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Mom, is your mom home alone except for when there is a hospice worker there? Is she unable to get to the door herself?
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It sounds typical to me.
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