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You can google AARP or VITA tax prep, to find free tax prep locations in your area. Also 211 works in many areas (maybe all - I wasn't familiar with it until I came to Central Florida). VITA stand for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance - it's a program sponsored by the IRS that can handle your taxes if it's not too complicated. For complicated returns, you'll probably need a paid preparer like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt.

If you have a specific question you can just post it and see if anyone knows the answer. We have a handful of tax experts and lawyers who post here.
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If you need help in doing your taxes then call your local Office of Aging and she if they know of a free service. United way used to do them. May want to call them.
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Your profile is blank and there is no detail in your question. Could you go into more depth about what you’re asking?
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