My stepdad won't recognize my mom one day and then the next he will. When he does, my mom will sternly tell him that he was thinking she was someone else the day before and saying all these things to her. He quickly says "no i would never say anything like that to you! I love you with all my heart. There was someone here yesterday but I wouldn't say those things to you". ask he seems to have two realities, it's weird. The other day when he didn't recognize my mom on a day when she needed to go to the doctor, he wouldn't let her leave and drive "his wife's car". He kept asking her very sternly "where is my wife? Your mother? (He seems to think she's one of us- the daughters) Why is she not here with me?" She tried to explain she WAS his wife, but to no avail. And then my mom called me and said, can you please call him and tell him that I'm your mom and to let me go to the doctor? So I did, and when he answered he knew who I was and said "There is a woman here, and I don't mean to be rude because she's very nice, but she won't leave. And she's keeps trying to get attached to me, I don't like it. She was here for a week a couple weeks ago but I don't know what to do with her. Can you please talk to her?" As much as hearing this made me cry, and has been making my mom cry for a few months now, we're now at the point where we just want to know how we talk to him, what do we say on the days he doesn't know who she is and the days when he doesn't, and we also want help in determining what type of dementia this is. He seems to remember that he was just at my wedding a month ago and remember all his daughters and all details- the confusion seems to come just with my mom, and it's on and off. Also, his pet scan a couple months back came back normal and his family doesn't have any history of ALZ. Thanks for your help with this!

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