How to help my grandma have dreams when sleeping?


My grandma, about 87, says she hasn't been dreaming for a long time and feels sick cuz of it. On top off the many other things that make her feel ill. hehe
But this was an odd one. Not sure what to tell her. She seems to sleep through the night. She's originally old world mexico and love making natural concoctions, usually gross looking lol.
Anyone know a dream tonic safe for the elderly? If she see's mix it up it might be the perfect placebo.
Thanks for any help :D

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Elliot my 94 year old mom also tells me she no longer dreams. I'm not sure if that's right nor not, but she doesn't remember dreaming. Just be careful if your grandma is on any medications that you check to see that whatever herbal brew you make won't interfere with her medicines. My mom is on a blood thinner and she can't take any kind of sleep aid for that reason. Just google the name of her medicine(s) and the herb(s) you choose and see if there's any reaction between the two. Good luck!!
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Passion flower comes to mind (tea) for insomnia. “Dream Herb” or “Leaf of God”, Calea ternifolia (synonym, Calea Zacatechichi) is used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico, either as an incense or smoked before bed. Lavender and Rose petals are also good. Ask her to teach you the herbs.
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