Has anyone used a PEMF device for pain from diabetic peripheral neuropathy?

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Send, Nothing wrong with your original answer. I’ve worked in ER’s so much it’s hard to break the abbreviation habit.

I did a 30 day trial of the Quell system - did nothing. My neuropathy is in my lower left leg, ankle and foot. I get the most relief from ice. I go to the athletic dept at the University and put my leg in one of the ice whirlpools a couple of times at week. At home I ice my ankle and foot for about an hour before I go to bed. Really helps.
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To answer some questions, I get it off the internet.
In addition, I am at times abrupt, lacking in tactful social skills.
This question popped up again on my news feed, when someone liked my answer 30 days ago. I read it and was surprised how it sounded, and apologize to you.

My question to you is, did you try the electrical stimulation, or something else for pain?
I sincerely hope you have found improvement, and are healing also from your incident causing you to be hospitalized.

Be well soon!

I have had peripheral neuropathy in my outer thighs, but other leg pain and sciatica must have made it seem like less. I think this all originates in the lower spine, so have you thought of massage?
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Send, Good answer. I didn't think about the abbreviation. I have the opposite problem at the university. Students wants abbreviations and acronyms for everything. Sometimes I heard conversations that I don't understand at all because of the acronyms.

I watched a video on using for peripheral neuropathy. It seemed to make sense. I have a pain management meeting next week. I'm going to see what they say. I've looked into medical marijuana, but would lose my psych license if I got a script. I'm semi-resigned that it is what it is, but some relief would be nice.
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Also known as L F M S,
Low field magnetic stimulation.

This is very interesting as far as bone healing.  Maybe it will help my dH heal his hand/thumb joint once the infection clears.  To me, it is interesting reading.  
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You are very smart. No one except those who have had it will know what this abbreviation means!

However, I have just been visiting a thread dedicated to the frustration caregivers feel when presented with an unfamiliar term or abbreviation. Aging care likes to advertise that one can get answers in ten minutes. After two hours, here is my comment:

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy - Wikipedia
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), also known as low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS), uses electromagnetic fields in an attempt to heal non-union fractures and depression. By 2007 the FDA had cleared several such stimulation ...

Have you (or the patient) tried pulsed ultrasound with physical therapy exercises?
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