For example drive him to his Mothers (she's deceased) or help him do an imaginary job?

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Thanks all.
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Windyridge, you are correct about amazing tales from yesteryear's. Like today is my parent's 71st wedding anniversary and I asked Dad how was the weather that day which prompted him to tell of their wedding trip to New York City by train, then onto Chicago by train, etc. And how back then they couldn't use a car for their trip because gasoline could only be bought using government coupons for business use, etc. but it was ok to travel by train.
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Flyer is right. You've got to divert his attention somehow. Ask him about his mother. Where did she grow up etc. he may have lots of old memories that will flow out easily and redirect him. I've gotten good at this with my dad. With a little prompting from me he will tale amazing tales of his boyhood days. The side bonus is that I have learned great stuff about my family I never heard before.
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From your profile your husband has Alzheimer's/Dementia. From what I have read about this disease what he is asking is very common.

For wanting you to drive him to his mother's, make an excuse saying his mother isn't home right now, maybe tomorrow. If you tell him she had passed, he will grieve. With Alzheimer's/Dementia, he will eventually forget he had asked you do run that errand.

Or other things, try to re-direct his thinking to something else. Or just stall, saying "maybe later we can do that". Like I said, he will eventually forget he asked.
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