Need help getting urine out of auto seat - what's best?


Only you guys will understand this. Both of our DD's are getting the driver's licenses soon and we managed to find an older used car to buy for each of them. They are not anything amazing, but each girl loves their car and thinks it's the bee's knees.

Last night we had to take MIL to the ER after a fall (she's fine). And apparently she didn't have her Depends on. At some point on the way home, she urinated in the passenger seat -- and we were driving youngest DD's car :-(

DD realizes it was just an accident and we will try to clean it up, but she was still in tears that this happened. So, surely this has happened to others, what's the best way to get the urine and the smell out of the cloth seat (and make my 16 year old quit crying, lol)


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You can also call around to the car detailing shops. They deal with this kind of thing all the time.
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The enzyme pet spray mentioned by Jessie is great....until you get to the pet store, dump a cup of baking soda on the area and let it sit, then vacuum up, will get rid of some of the smell......if you do not have a shop vac for the moisture...the ones at the car wash will work for a couple of $.
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BTW, it has to be a shop vac, since you'll be vacuuming liquid. I know you probably realize this, but thought I'd better mention. :)
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calicokat, these things happen. First of all, get out your shop vac. You can make a solution of Nature's Little Miracle (available to most pet shops) and apply it generously to the surface of the seat. Follow directions about how long to leave it on, then vacuum out as much liquid as you can. You could also do this with vinegar, but then there's the problem of getting the vinegar smell out of the car.

We all need waterproof car seat covers, don't we? I think I'll look around for one this weekend. They have to be out there somewhere.
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