My father started talking to himself when I was 9 years old until now that I'm 19 . My Mum is working in abroad from my childhood until now, she only came home a weeks or months .. My father is the one who took care of us, we're 2 siblings , I'm the youngest , I always cried at my room , easily irritate to him because he is always talking alone from morning till night , he is quite only for a minutes or when he is sleep, it is my struggle until now , he don't want to go to a therapist also . Sometimes we are fighting because i got angry bcoz of he's noisiness .. even in public also he don't mind if there's people around , but he is normal when I talked or asked him,he's answer is right. My Mom told me to understand him and pray to Jesus to heal my father , I always did it. I need your help ... I also felt lonely already and shy to my friends . i always isolate myself at my room and listening music with headset,, I'm so tired , but I can't throw my father I loved him so much , My Mum is in abroad until now . I felt no one cares to us , and there's a gossipers around us in our community.

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You already know the answer. Get out with your friends and start living your own adult life. You will feel better when you do this. You will find out that nobody has a parent who is perfect. Spread your wings.
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Jean, it sounds to me as though your dad may have an undiagnosed mental illness. There is probably nothing you can do for him if he refuses to get help. The prayers can't hurt, but god has already given us doctors and medications to help, perhaps you should focus more on ways to get him to accept that help.

Try to learn as much as you can about his problems, try to find a support group for kids whose parents have mental illness, maybe on-line. At 19 it is time for you to spread your wings and find your own way in the world. Get a job or go to school, visit your dad and remain his loving child, but don't give up your life for him.
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