Father was told his heart function is at 15% after echo cardiogram. What does this mean?

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What does it mean when your CHF is at 15% and at stage 3 renal failure? Father is age 91 but living independently. His mind is still sharp as a tack

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I am not a doctor, so really I'm not qualified to advise. I do know that 15% capacity lets you know that he may go into arrest, but there is no way of knowing when. The hardest decision is if he wants CPR if he goes into arrest. If he doesn't want that, has he prepared a DNR order? It is so hard to watch our parents decline and know there is little we can do about it beyond prepare for the crises. Has your father discussed with you what he wants. If you don't have a DNR order and living will, it would be a good time to discuss it with him if you don't think it would upset him too badly. You may never need them, but they are good to have on hand if you do.
I am not sure on the DNR order on him I know he didn't have when Mom first took hers out years ago. But he signed that for her at the memory care place so maybe he has one now too. We have talked about it before but it's been a while. He always manages not to awnser. I know my Mom has one and his will and finances are in order. He did mention recently that he wants to be cremated but didn't know if my Mom would have wanted the same thing for herself and knows she can't be asked now without just saying she'd do what he thought best. That bothers him, too. .

The hardest thing on him is in April he had to put Mom in a Memory care facility. It is one door down from the bldg. he lives in so he has been going over 2x a day since then. He was walking with a walker but we recently got him a scooter to make the trip easier. Mom does not remember anything for more than a second but does know him and we kids. Leaving her can be very difficult especially for my Dad. she always wants to go along, berates him because he can go and come as he pleases and she can't. She can get quite nasty about it and loud. Whenver the caregivers come over she becomes as sweet as pie and they say she is fine once he leaves except asking about when he will be there again. They tell her soon and that satisfies her. I can put into perspective her getting upset but I know he feels very quilty about it. He always was so protective and took such good care of her since her dementia first appeared. But he can't handle her care anymore and that is hard on him too.

A friend of my sister-in-law who is a hospice worker said the less my Dad has to do for self care the better in terms of living longer. But then others told me as long as he can do self care he should be encouraged to do so. He wouldn't give it up easily anyway. He's an independent spirit. Not sure how we should best help and support.

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I was told my heart was working at 15% and I might have a year to live after surviving a AAA aneurism , kidney failure, pneumonia and infections to the lungs and bladder. That was 2 years ago. Now my heart is at 35% with proper medication. I feel like the luckiest person alive although I could drop dead anytime.
my brother who is in his middle 70's was just told his heart is working 15% & his
kidney are not working well. what do we have to look forward too?
the percentage numbers you are talking about were obtained from a test called an echocardiogram.Normal is greater than 55%,it basically lets you know how well the heart is pumping,especially the left ventricle. I am surprise your father is able to stand with out passing out with an ejection fraction of 15% but the body can be remarkable and adapt up to a point.If he is driving, stop this NOW! Most anything at this point can happen, to still have his mind is great ,love him while you got him, keep him safe,I don't think he would be considered a candidate for a kidney transplant but then the kidney failure is probably related to his decreased cardiac function, I don't mean to sound doom and gloom but he is 90, has his mind and obviously a family member that cares about him which is so much more than a lot of elders have.I would only treat him medically, keep him comfortable and safe and take good care of yourself.
That is one reason whomever is doing the caregiving, they should go with the patient to the doctor's offer to be an extra set of ears and to ask questions that the patient might have not thought about answering.

To get the best information, contact your Dad's primary doctor who will be receiving reports from the cardiologist. No two cases are ever identical.
Its been more tham a yeat mow sice my dad got that diagnosis. He is still going but he isnt as active as he was. Still he is with us with active mind. He lives in assissted living now. Kidney funct6 did improve.
Glad to hear that!
age61 male have heart function of 15%have a pacemaker with a pacemaker with defillator what are we up against?
Hi, may I have advise what to do to improve a 15% heart function? I actually don't know what to do next, please anyone send me advise? Thank you very much.

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