End stages of emphysema. How much longer can this go on?

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My husband has the end stages of emphysemia, he has lost a considerable amount of weight over 50lbs in the past year.,20lbs in 2 mo oxygen 24/7 at 4liters , fell a week ago and broke hip, can't have surgery because of high risk to go under, not putting out urine today and started loosing bowels, not waking up to take treatments and becoming more confused, skin is becoming dry and flaking off, blue spots on lips. Coughing up more phlem, dark in color even dripping out of nose if head is down, How much longer can this go on? What more can I expect? He has since used a urnal it is very dark and seems thick, maybe has minerals in it.

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I would like to know what you find out about this. I am the caregiver of my mother. She has some of the same symptoms. However, her issues only start there. We just recently found out, she has a spot on her lung and liver. We havent even addressed the liver. But, the spot on her lung has more than doubled in 6mo. She still continues to smoke. But, for the most part, she spends her time going from bed to chair. She goes to bed for oxygen. Chair for smoking. Appetite is at a minimum. Social life is at zero. I know things are only going to progress downhill. I just want to tag-team with phylllbug and find out what is in store for us to deal with. I love my mother and I just want to make her comfortable. Thanks for any help.
phylllbug, I send my prayers and thoughts for you and your husband.
Sadly, no one can probably give you an answer as to how long, it could be days, weeks, or even months. If your husband is not on hospice, I would check into it now.
They can really help. Him as well as you. Hang in there. I know when they linger it makes it so hard on the family, but yet when they are gone you want them back.
Hospice is covered by Medicare. Hugs to you.
My grandfather passed away from this. I am so sorry. It will not improve short of a miracle. I could hear his horrible coughing all night long. Does your husband still smoke? Grandfather was finally able to stop at age 86 and it gave him a little over a year--but I am not a doctor.
You need to be sure you are taking care of yourself because you must be exhausted due to the nights.
Reindeermomma is so right. Your doctor can probably refer you to a hospice. If not call one yourself and tell them everything. They will be completely sympathetic. My prayers are with you.
Our 95 year old uncle never smoked and was in good health until about 5 years ago when he had a serious bout with pneumonia that resulted in him being in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility for six months. He then started having mini-strokes and began aspirating his food. He was diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema but is doing better now that we have him on a regimen of nebulizer treatments. Sometimes questions like this might be best off left in the hands of God because his condition did improve. Make sure you get more help from hospice which can sometimes allow for someone to be stabilized and relieve burdens on caregivers.
The answer to your question could be obtained by requesting that a hospice nurse do an evaluation. Hospice nurses are probably the best at helping family members understand disease progression. The other blessing with this evaluation is that if he is appropriate to be admitted to a hospice program, they are the best at ensuring his comfort and your peace of mind. Please as for this help as soon as possible.
Hospice is an extraordianary program, it is funded through Medicare, most programs of this nature provide you with round the clock nursing so that if your loved one is experiencing physical issues they can come out anytime, 24/7 to reassess the patient needs. They provide C.N.A.'s who can provide bathing 3 xs per week, a spiritual care coordinator who can work with you and your loved one's end of life questions etc., a social worker who can provide emotional and an array of other support to the family. Hospice affords the family an opportunity to work together as a family to prepare for your loved ones end of life process. Good luck and Blessings to you and yours.
I'm so sorry to hear you guys are dealing with this disease. My Dad actually was diagnosed at about 45, retired from Civil Service at age 50 with emphysema and died at 55 years old. Those were a rough 10 years, and I didn't realize how rough until later talking to my Mom later. (It's sort of weird how you can miss something right in front of you, but I was only 19 when he died...) From the situations you're describing, I'm sorry but I wouldn't expect any miraculous turn-arounds, and would be especially concerned with the weight loss that quickly and the skin color... The confusion and excessive sleep is from lack of oxygen. (They didn't even have that resource when my Dad was ill - I just remember him buying "Primatine Mist" inhalers all the time).Take care of yourselves and I agree with the advice to seek hospice care (although not all hospice workers are equal - a friend of mine did NOT have a good hospice experience with her husband, so...) I guess proactive is needed sometimes?
Thanks for your postings. But, I do have another question. I know my mother. She will balk at having someone come in to help. I would love it. Then they could help me around the house. Keeping up her end of the house. Maybe getting her to shower more often. Maybe they could get her to do her nebulizer. I am still the child, to her. She doesnt listen to me. I am tired of beating my head against the wall. I am at a loss. I guess now I'm going to have to pull the..."My house, my rules". Tough love is no fun.
If she qualifies for hospice care, then they can provide the tough love care for you by
speaking to her. My mother was the same way, but somehow they always got her to do what I couldn't.
For the patient with end-stage emphysemia, he needs a daily doctor's visit. The most important med is the continuous-flow Oxygen....four liters is correct..
The doctor should address the issue of the dark Phlem. Be sure to mention this. YOU can take care of the skin...break-outs from Lasix, and dryness from whatever. Apply prescription salve or ointment on the skin. For painful skin: Lidocaine HCL 3%. Repeat every five hours. Don't forget the hot-water bottle on the bottom of the feet.
I'm sure these questions have been asked and then aswered: Is he on a Foley catheter? or a Urinal? How many liters does he put out per day? How are fluids administered to him? IV, I hope. I would not worry about the broken hip. Did he have the Pneumonia vaccine? How long ago? How 'bout pain meds? Ask. Ask again.
You are in for a ride.....stand by with love and put yourself in his place if you can. Wake him up for meds, but don't try to keep him awake. The end will come when all he'll do is sleep. Bless you.

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