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QCD basically transfers whatever the person thinks they own.
This could be accurate or way, way off. Classic post on this site is parent did a QCD to a kid but parent still has a mortgage on the property….. they don't own it; they just have equity in the house. QCD doesn't transfer property as parent doesn't actually "own".

Warranty deed ensures that property bought has no encumbrances.
That the title has no "clouds" or liens or claims. Basically WD provides for a guarantee that buyer owns property. Usually with title insurance to back this up if there is an issue.

My experience is that banks will not do any type of lending (like a mortgage) on QCD purchased properties, only on those with a WD.

QCD bought property to me are kinda like Tax Sale Deed property in that you more than likely will need to do a Quiet Title Action to get a clear, clean title on the property to get any lending done. Quiet (or whatever its called in your state) needs about 4 - 6 months to run its course. Its speciality atty work. I've used an real estate atty that primarily does site selection work. Quiet is a side line for him.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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