Mother is 100.8 and lives in a nursing home. Recently (within the last 4-6 weeks) eats barely anything. She is down to 95 pounds from a recent weight of 118. She has top dentures which she wears and only two bottom teeth left. She has vascular dementia, but sometimes is quite with it and always knows my husband and I.

I bring shakes in and try to get her to eat. She says she'll eat when she "goes home". I ask her if her gums hurt and she says no. I wonder if she's just giving up or if her dementia is taking over.

Not even sure why I'm posting this, just want to hear from others who may have experienced similar behavior.

I would call Hospice in to evaluate.
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I do think it sounds as though she is nearing the end of life, loss of desire for food is common as the body, mind and soul prepare.
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