Mama is diabetic. They are not taking care of themselves or the house. I think they're going to accidentally kill themselves or someone else. He is on major pain meds and still driving. She refuses to see that he needs help. She refuses to let anyone else take care of her and he can't do it. I think maybe she can take care of herself when she isn't depressed but she often is and there is no way she can handle him. He is 6ft 4inches and she is 5ft 2inches. They are both falling a lot. My sisters and I don't know who to call or what to do.

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Your sister, the attorney, should look into Guardianship. Talk it over.
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pamstegma, Daddy started the fire. He decided to burn trash. Windyridge, thanks. None of the three of us have POA. My sister is an attorney & my other sister & I thought she had POA, but she said no, they never signed the paper. Now, they won't because they're angry with her for refusing to let them babysit. I'm not sure how to force them into care or what care to force them into. I'm quite sure I should somehow get his driver's license revoked but I'm not sure how to go about it.
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This is so common. My folks are very similar to yours, Dad with dementia, diabetic mom, still fighting to stay at home. Mom can still keep an eye on things but just barely. I'm POA, take care of finances bills etc., and I've told mom I won't force them into care but when I see it's not working, they're not eating, meds getting confused, a brush fire, then game over.

At some point you have to protect them from themselves. There may be a crisis that drives the action or it just very clear this can't go on. You may be at that point. I'm totally prepared for world war three when the time comes. I think you'd better man your battle stations.
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Alert the Fire Department to his dementia and ask them to pay a visit to check on their safety and safe use of whatever started the fire.
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