My dad snores when he does anything, he is quite overweight and has knee problems and have gout , he always has a time in the day to doze off either driving ( he is a taxi driver ) and he is prone to accidents. He always sleeps earlier than me and my sister ( im 14 and my sister is 12) and he still dozes off sometimes , but only closes his eyes for a few seconds and when he is driving , he dozes off and he always almost gets into accidents and sometimes even accidents happen but small ones.

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He could have Narcolepsy which means he could literally fall asleep anywhere but he does need a sleep study because he may have Sleep Apnea which means he stops breathing for several breaths and will then begin again but it sounds like he is catching his breath. He would need a sleeping device which would force air into his lungs so he wont stop breathing. Continuing the way he is could lead to heart disease and many other health issues, it is serious and he could kill someone in an accident by falling asleep. Beg, plead and then demand that he seek medical assistance right away.

My father had this too!
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Has he spoken to his doctor about this? He needs to be referred for a sleep study.
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