They will show whether there were old or new mini strokes and white matter shrinkage that may give some explanation if there are mental changes. The rest can be found with an autopsy upon death. But death can be caused by a multitude of medical diseases.

When there is a suspician of Alzheimer's, the diagnosis is made by following several neurological tests but it is still an imperfect process as many posters mentioned that their LOs still pass those tests even when something is wrong.
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The ability to diagnose ALZ and other dementias is evolving and improving all the time so you need to seek out info from newly updated legitimate sites, you also need to consider that many of the newest technologies are not available everywhere. According to the Mayo Clinic a diagnosis still relies on a combination of evidence including
-mental status testing (such as the mini mental exam),
-Neuropsychological tests (by a trained neurologist or psychologist)
-Interviews with friends and family
-laboratory tests to rule out things like Vitamin B12 or thyroid deficiencies
-brain imaging tests such as MRI, CT scans and PET scans which can "Rule out other causes, such as hemorrhages, brain tumors or strokes, Distinguish between different types of degenerative brain disease, Establish a baseline about the degree of degeneration"

Hope this helps
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