Can I change my plan after open enrollment without penalty now?


My doctor was dropped from my Medicare advantage plan after open enrollment.

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1. Not sure what you mean by "without penalty?" There would not be a financial penalty in any sense I can think of in your situation. Of course you have the inconvenience penalty

2. You can drop out of your public Part C Medicare health plan before February 14 as noted in another comment but you cannot choose another Part C plan unless you
a.) choose a 5-star Part C plan (there aren't many of them) or
b.) are on Social Security Extra Help or
c.) are in a State Pharmacy Assistance Program (not all states have them).
If you are in groups b.) or c.), the February 14 barrier does not apply (but you will still want to move as fast as possible).  Switching plans does not make sense anyways unless your doctor accepts a different Part C plan.

3. If you do not qualify to switch Part C plans as described in a.), b.) or c.) or do not want to switch because of the doctor issue, you can add -- if you desire -- a standalone Part D drug plan and a Medigap supplement -- if allowed to in your state -- on the same timetable(s).

4. CMS is beginning to make exceptions to this rule but likely not because one doctor dropped out of the plan or was dropped by the plan. That's simply a business decision between the doctor and the Part C plan sponsor.
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Has medigold from arrp
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Yes I just went through it and February 14, is the cut off
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