My folks need to move to assisted living and the do not have any money. They do own a very modest 800 sq. ft. home that has been paid off for more than 25 yrs. Do they have to sell there house in order to get state aid? Can they transfer their house to my sister?

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I'm no expert on this but i will tell you what I have read. Different states have different laws. The state I live in is one that has a 5 year time span they go back on. If it is within the last 5 years that it has been transfered to a realitive it matters. There should be a way around i'm just not sure what it would be. I think they can probably have the property but after they are gone it can be sold to pay the state back part of what they spent on them. I'm just assuming this cause my mil didnt want to inherit anything in her name cause she was on state pay and they would eventually take it. Then when she passed my fil got a letter from the state saying if she owned any thing they could sell it. Hope this helps. probably the best thing you could do is call a lawyer that deals with elder law. I have found that some lawyers will speak to you over the phone and allow you to ask questions. some will charge you a fee for coming to talk to them. good luck.
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