Can my father be forced to move from memory care?


He falls a lot. The staff mentioned he may do better in an adult family home. I moved my dad who has Parkinson's/Dementia from my house to Assisted Living/Memory Care in January. He has a hospital bed that goes up and down, and alarms on his bed and wheelchair. He's impulsive and likes to get up. When he lived with me he walked all the time (and fell a lot too). They are not letting my dad get up at all. He's lost a lot of strength in his legs. I specifically picked this place because they have the memory care. They have PT in the building but will not work on his walking. I do realize he is a huge fall risk but forcing him to stay in his chair is a bit much. Can they force us to move him?

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He does not sound appropriate for Assisted Living or an Adult Home. State Health Laws define who can accept a patient based on their mental and physical limitations. Sit down with the Head Nurse and Social worker and determine what his proper placement is.
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That is unusual that a Memory Care would want a patient to leave. In what stage is your Dad with his dementia? If he is in his later stage, chances are his brain isn't sending the right messages to the rest of his body regarding walking, thus he would be a high risk for falls.

When my Mom was in late stage dementia, she would totally forget that she could not stand, much less walk. Physical therapy was out of the question, as like I said, this is a brain issue. It is much safer for the patient to either remain in bed or be in a geri-recliner in the common area where the nurses/aides can watch him without having to run back and forth to the patient's room.

Sometimes we have to let the experiments do their job.... we can ask questions, but if the nurses/PT say no to physical therapy then we have to accept their answers and not challenge their decision, as this isn't their first rodeo, but it is ours.
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