Mic, can you explain? A list of allergies should indicate the meds or substances to which someone is allergic. Those are facts. I don't understand why a doctor would want to change them. It's not like changing a medication.
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The answer in yes. Have had this happen with Husband and Mom all the time. Usually when in the hospital. The doctors do what they feel is needed at the time. Problem is, my husband was sent home with BP med because his BP went up when in AFib. AFib taken care of primary stopped it. Same with Mom. Pain from back injury, bp meds increased but not lowered when the pain was gone. She couldn't get up from the couch. The HC nurse took her BP and said her bp was too low. Called Moms primary and had it taken back to original dose. I questioned both when Mom and DH were discharged. Husband never had bp problems. I know have said next hospital stay and we r going to our primary as soon as an appt can be made. No waiting a week or two like discharge papers say.

All you can do is keep up on Moms care and question. In Moms home the nurses told me of changes and why.
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I am not sure what you are asking?

If a patient has an adverse reaction or an allergic reaction to a medication, a doctor will add that medication to the patient's list of allergies which is part of the medical records and the doctor does not need the patient's permission to do so. Also allergies are not really a subject that a doctor talks about with a patient unless a medication allergy interferes with what the doctor wants to prescribe for the patient.

Most of us don't think about allergies other than what medications can we take to relieve the symptoms especially if they are environmental or seasonal allergies.

We need more information about your Mom's situation. Are you asking if a doctor can state that your Mom is NO longer allergic to a certain medication or that she IS ALLERGIC to a certain medication? The doctor does NOT need the patient's nor the POA's approval or permission to state that a patient is allergic to a medication--it is a judgment call based on allergy testing or how the patient has responded to the medication in the past.
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