Basically, while my uncle was in the hospital a nurse temorarily used a pee pad as a diaper while waiting for someone to clean his private regions.

I was thinking that this would be perfect for my grandma. The pee pad, if large enough would allow for more airflow to the skin, especially at night. I could hold the pad in place with this packing tape I have that is strong, but comes off skin rather easily if it should get on there.

I wouldn't use it all the time, just at night and sometimes during the day, if no one is visiting. The pads I use are cheap, but absorbent.

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I use Women's protective pads ultimate absorbency from CVS. This works great for my mother. Keeps her dry and comfortable. It is an insert pad for her briefs. The best I ever used!
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Disposable pads are meant to protect furniture, bed linens, etc. from urine and feces. They are a poor replacement for disposable briefs, however, due to their limited absorbency. The briefs, like infant diapers, are specifically designed to wick the moisture away from the skin. Moisture is a huge factor in skin breakdown. If you decide to use the pads, be cautious and check her skin frequently.
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KateH2 Dec 2019
So if someone were sitting on their bare butt on a dry or semi-dry pee pad for 48 hrs straight, could this cause a bed sore? Just wondering if this is how my uncle got a bed sore in the hospital. He didn't have one before he went in.

At home he wore a loose fitting pullup (plenty of breathing room) from 11 am until 6-7 pm, changed into another one until 2 am, then put on an Abena Air Plus pullup for overnight use until 11 am.

Back to my grandma. I was actually thinking of just loosely putting her in a pee pad so her skin could breathe but the pad would absorb pee. I also thought of putting her to bed without a diaper - just lay her on the pee pad.
But since the diapers are supposed to wick moisture from the skin, I'll stick with those. I wish there was a big diaper that was easy to get on from a seated position. These diapers keep leaking because I can't get them on properly. It's not like a baby where you can easily pick it up to position it correctly in the diaper.

Laying her in the bed only works in the morning and at bedtime. It's a hassle for her afternoon change. I usually put her on the potty and place the diaper in the chair, then sit her on the chair. I never have the diaper positioned right. It's trial and error right now. Hopefully I'll get things worked out soon. Thank goodness for pee pads (to put under her).

Oh my gosh! It just occurred to me that I should put a shower curtain in her chair. I have plastic in her bed, but not in the chair. What a dummy I am. lol.
Do you mean, using the pee pad on the bed, or wrapping it loosely (more loosely than a diaper) around your grandmother?

I understand what you mean about letting skin breathe, but I'm not at all sure how comfortable it would feel for her - it's different when it's only for a minute or two while waiting for personal care. If you're concerned about skin integrity, more frequent changes are probably a better answer.
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I don't see what the advantage is over a diaper. Not sure if they are as absorbent. You could try I suppose. I don't even know if they would be comfortable because they aren't designed to be a diaper.
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