Saw this posted by local TV news station. It is a diaper sensor, and while it is meant for babies, I am wondering if anyone has used this for their loved ones.
Mom is very proud, and gets snappish (understatement) if you ask about the state of her brief. Doing the "every two hours" walk to the toilet gets her upset as well. I have longed for a way to tell if the brief was wet w/o a lot of hoopla, and this from first look seems like a good idea.
Has anyone used this on babies or LOs?

I would try it. Let everyone know how it works. I’m sure many people could benefit from learning something new.
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I would have been happy with a strip that turned color. With the material they use now, its hard to tell if they are wet. And really, I don't want to go feeling around (like u do with a baby) to see if the person is wet.

Remember those blur liners mothers used to put in cloth diapers. When they had #2 you just took the liner out and flushed it. 40 yrs ago there was a disposable brand u could do this with. You pulled off the top layer and flushed it. Would be great now to be able to do that.
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I have not clicked through to the link, but we had a bed wetting sensor for my son. It attached to his underpants and buzzed when they got the slightest bit wet.

If you Mum has any degree of dementia, she may be resistant to any form of monitoring.

I remember when one of my kids was little there was a brand of disposable diapers that changed colour when wet. It was a short lived gimmick.
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