Am I doing everything I should be doing for Alzheimer's disease management?


My mother is in ALF and has good health. She appears to be in midstage. (?) We take her to church and simple shopping trips to grocery store and other familiar places. She has child like decision making, repeats conversation and other expected alz behavior. She is still doing a good job at mobility and personal care. We spend time together looking at photos, doing word finds and singing. She is on namenda. Should I be taking her to any type of physician or group activity? Her home has activities daily and she appears happy.

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Unfortunately this ALF doesn't have a memory care unit. Others have hired sitters to assist when needed. Currently she is displaying some behavior changes that are linked to a new resident's dog and Christmas decorations. I was asked to get a sitter to get her over this hump. I'm concerned if I bring in another new element that will cause additional confusion. This disease stinks! With other diseases the management includes physician and other professional care. This one includes a greater amount of community care. Thank you everyone for your help.
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Sounds like you are doing it right and you will have some good memories of these times together. Bless you!
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It sounds like she's doing very well. It's so nice she is able to enjoy activities with you. I'm sure that means so much to the both of you.

I agree with Geewiz, though. Does the ALF have a memory care unit? As she progresses, they may not be able to accommodate her. I'd discuss their ability to that so you can make future plans. My loved one's needs became too great and she began to wander, so she had to go to a Secure Memory care facility. Of course, her progression may be slow and she may do well where she is for years to come.
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It appears that all is well for you and your Mom. The only suggestion I can offer is to determine possible next steps in case your Mom reaches a point where her ALF is not able to take care of her. The ALFs near me typically will assist until someone starts to wander. Then they insist on a move to Memory care, often at the same location. It may be helpful to know what the guidelines are and what your choices would be in such a situation.

Other items (I learned the hard way) you may want to address --- If Mom wears glasses, is the prescription current? Do you have a copy of the script. Has your Mom been to the dentist for a cleaning/ check up? Since dementia patients can't speak well for themselves, we have to consider everything that may be needed.

Music/singing is the best. They don't forget the words or tunes! My Mom was singing and saying prayers up til a month before her death at age 98! Keep those happy days going they are all treasures.
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I don't know what else you could do. She's very lucky to have such a caring family.
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