the end has come---what does the caregiver do when your hands are tied- you make the decision on having your loved one placed -- because she is a danger to herself as well as to others.I just took my sister to the emergency & had her admitted & assessed I feel terrible having to trick her by saying the Dr needs more tests done. Sounds cruel but my sisters has gone from not eating to thinking she has ate-
She now wanders down the road at any time day or night She lives in her mind & at times is very reasonable & yet other times she is very irrational.She does not wash or change her clothes & you know then something has to be done for her own safety.
When feeling guilty write this down reread it & share with others.This is what I have just done..There is no real answer to what a caregiver should do or not do.I am not a Professional & can no longer handle worrying what next-- because what next could be burning her house down because she is very careless with her cigarettes & has burn holes in her chair & her blanket has burn holes that have smoldered for how long no one knows.
A Person with Alzheimer's does not get better - there is no cure !

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