My mother still hangs on. Morphine started last week. Drinking very little.

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snap !! sounds like a mouse in the bathroom just went thru the whole end of life process in .3 millisecond. his angels are next.

in my moms case the morphine / ativan was given only when she entered the terminal agitation state. we were told to give the meds every 30 minutes if necessary because she was not to wake up to that agitation again. it was part of the dying process and it was pretty much the end of the line for her. i was the one in the family most prepared for these changes to include the cheynne stokes breathing right up to the mottling and blueing / curling toes because i had read a lot about end of life matters. getting yourself read up sure makes it easier for you and everyone else. i think the comfort meds are really a blessing because once the process has begun the patient neednt suffer thru it.

She will sleep more and more, not because of the morphine as much as due to the body shutting down. When she can't drink, offer a wet mouth swab or one or two ice chips. Hold hands. Sing the lullabyes she sang for you. Say your litany of God Bless.... and name each family member. Ask your angels to guide you.