I was thrown into a at the time scarey situation. My Dads dr. said he was sick with a blood disease called MDS which is basically no maturing blood cells that leads to blood cancer. My mom in the mean time, is helpless with cooking, cleaning, money u name it. and imoble, only with a walker. my husband and I rented a house two doors down from them, thus life changed and I mean pronto, my dad passed only two months after we moved there, I was thrown into all the responsiblity..I became sick my self with fibromyalgia..super sick, but, I had to go on....It has been three years now, I cannot even tell you how much I have learned! And, to pass on my experience is what I am happy to do. My mom lived in her another year after my Daddy died and basically stopped walking, a year later I got her into assisted living and as of Saturday she is now moved into a Skilled Nursing Facility due to her money running out and he being on Medicaid. So, from taking care of two parents, to money, to Medial help, to Medications, I have learned so much, and feel so lucky that from this tragic story of my parents lives, at least I can take out of this the wealth of information I have learned. And trust me- I am no smarty, I should not of even graduated from high school, I was too much of a social butterfly, but the school of hard knocks, that I graduated from, I am still learning as I type this. I have benfited from this website so much too. All the advice, forums etc. I even learned a few months back that my moms funeral when she passes away, she has not passed, but I have learned that funerals do not have to be expensive and that many do not realize some things with that. I thank you all very much

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I have learned from one mortuary, if I preplan it is more expensive than if I call and have her body taken away....It doesn;t make sense. I need to look into that again. My aunt is all planned out - years ago- didn't want to be a burden on anyone. She is single, and now I'm helping her out. Anyway, it is hard, I found out, we are not in this boat alone. Unfortunately- we all will go at some point, and our loved ones need to be prepared for this too. My child, already has my instructions on what I want......Only a teenager. Tough, but she knows.

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