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I am new to dealing with an aging Mom. She is 88 yo and took a rapid decline in her health over an 8 wk period. After Dr Visits and a 22 hr stay in one hospital a very smart Er Dr in another hospital it was discovered she had a rt lung major lung infarction breathing only off her lt lung. She has been much healthier than most her age, takes minimal meds was ambulatory upbeat. Now she is beaten down, depressed and extremely weak from lack of proper oxygenation. She can only walk with assistance and last night crumbled to the floor at the bottom of 5 stairs. I could not et her up. she spent 5 wks in rehab and we are starting Home Health. My brother lives with us, but we both work full tme. I don't know how I am going to do this. I am worn out and she has only been home 4 days. We have only one support group for caregivers here and they meet when I work.. So I guesss I am looking for any tips that can help her and then any emotional support.


Welcome to You have found the right place. I hope that you find the support and resources you are looking for her on our site. There are many experienced caregivers that provide great insight and new caregivers like yourself!
Thanks for coming to!

~Karie H.

FayneJane, what specific issues or topics would you like to discuss? Most people on this site are dealing with again parents -- some of them with years of experience, and other brand new at the caregiving role. Please explain what you'd like to talk about.

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