For everyone that wanted to see how it went when we went on our Alaskan cruise and my brother stayed with Mom for the first time while we were gone. We had a fabulous time. He lasted 2 days and then went crazy because he had to do something. He had a bonding time with Mom and took care of her very well. He learned quickly not to give in and forced her to be independent with what she could do on her own and not wait on her hand and foot. He fixed everything around the house, straightened up the garage, mended the garbage box out by the street and installed an excess door for our whiny garbage men. He took her to town and wheeled her around getting grocery's and supplies. We were impressed and he was impressed with what we had done for 8 years with Mom. He could tell she is slipping more. She has since been hospitalized with another TIA which caused weakness on her right side and is now getting home therapy 4 times a week. Her insurance rejected the request for a rehab facility. She is doing better, the therapy is helping. She is a fall risk because she will not listen us or the therapist for recommended suggestions and feels invincible mentally. It will only be a matter of time before she falls. Nothing we can do. We have bed and chair alerts but she has figured how to turn them off. "Turn those damn things off I don't need them"! So the soap opera continues.

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Good outcome for you and for brother.

Thanks for sharing.

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