How do you explain the need for positioning to avoid compromised breathing after lung cancer surgery?

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I would ask the doctor is there is a brochure about this, or get direct training from local medical facilities. This is important and everyone caring for the person needs to know how to do it well.
When a person lies in one position for very long fluid can build up in the lungs compromising air passages. Fluid build up in the lungs also is a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause pneumonia. Repositioning redistributes the fluid and decreases the risk of bacterial growth thus decreasing the risk of pneumonia. Moving is essential.
geratricn44: Your answer about positioning was very helpful. Mom has lung cancer and 75 days after lung surgery developed pneumonia.
I am having an open lung biopsy and am very scared about it. I am also worried about after the test. What is the danger? This is very invasive. Had broncialscopy which showed no cancer but they want to make sure there is not cancer. White spots on lungs. I am a 71 year old female, wondering if this is worth the biopsy an my age. Also worried about calcium in breasts and could they be related?

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