What is the life expectancy of someone with COPD?

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Are there stages of COPD

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It can be quite long, but only a doctor can give you guidance. It depends on too many other issues, including more health problems and compliance with doctor's directions.
My father has lived with severe COPD for 12 years. He's on oxygen and medications and has done quite well. He uses an electric scooter to get around places like the ballpark, mall, etc. He's been able to do some traveling (places we can drive to and carry oxygen), go to baseball games, play cards with friends, go to luncheons.

The one thing his doctor always has stressed is that he get up each day, get dressed, and be sure he gets out of the house a few times a week.

Only now is his condition starting to change and worsen.

Hope that helps some.
Both of my parents had C.O.P.D. they both past away my mom smoked to the end.And they both suffered a great deal.Me and of my brothers also suffer with C.O.P.D. I don't smoke but while I was growing up both of my parents smoked 5 packs a day in the home or car and we are suffering because of the second hand smoke plus we all have asthma and i lost my brother from ashma when he was only 9months old. Ciggarrettes are horrible and it doesn't care who it kills.So if you smoke please think about yourself and the people around you also suffer! God bless you!
The big issue is following the plan the doctor develops with the patient. My son and I have severe asthma and manage to avoid hospital visits through following our doctor's plan very carefully. If your doctor is not working with you closely, you might seek additional help. It also helps to research on your own. COPD does not have to limit someone's life unless their are many other health issues. Best Wishes and Blessings to you.
My husband has emphysema. He is five foot ten inches tall and weighs 95 pounds. He has been on steroids so long that he has osteroporosis and he had 3 vertebrae crush on Labor Day. He still smokes, cannot hardly walk any short distance without his oxygen going in the 80's. He is on 6 liters while lying doing nothing and kicks it up to 7 and sometimes 8 when trying to shave, bathe or walk. How much longer will he live? He is suffering so much.
There are many answers to this question. My sister was told she wouldn't live ten years. She has lived 25 from that point. She was told that she needed a lung transplant and without it wouldn't live more than 3 years. 8 years later she went on transplant list but due to rare conditions did not receive transplant in the next 2 years. She got weaker and they removed her from list and she now acts like she has more energy. How much longer she has is totally in God's hands.
he still smokes no excercise .short of breath after mild excersiton
I have lived with COPD for 14 years now. I have some difficulty walking and on any type of exertion. My oxygen is on 24 hours a day at 6 liters. Things are now starting to get a little rougher, but I follow my doctors orders and have managed to stay out of the hospital. My bone structure worries me due to medications so I watch what I do. I have an electric wheelchair and try to get out as much as possible. Quit smoking and try to live as normal a life as possible as long as you can is the best advice I can give anyone. God Bless and Good Luck.
I have had COPD for 5 years now, if I stay off the cigerettes....and am athletic to a degree, I do well. its the gosh darn horrible disease to have, when not actively sick I still must use me oxygen. ,Its awkward how people forget you are sick... Looking well has its advantages but does not get one tons of favers ............IN have 5,5 year old twin bos''''... Somedays are very difficult for all . . ....
Thank you for all of your answers. My husband died on November 13, 2012 from complications of emphysema. I know he feels better now. He was on oxygen for 6 years Again, thank you for all your comments and help.

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