How many times do I answer the question?

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How long do I continue to go around and around and around the same conversation, and usually the conversation is nonsense but she gets angry if I am so rude as to not answer her. Again, I think I am losing my mind tonight.

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KateAnne- I understand your frustration. You aren't losing your mind. Answer the question the way you think will make her happy and then immediately redirect her attention by changing the subject to something completely diiferent. It may not work right away but eventually it will. Don't tell her she's speaking nonsense because in her mind, she's making perfect sense and you are the one who is confused. I know it is tough, but you will save your sanity if you just enter her world and validate whatever she is saying, no matter how crazy it is. Best of luck to you!
Ah, KateAnne, it can be really frustrating to hear the same question over and over and over, can't it? Argh!! Probably the easiest way to handle it, though, is to come up with a very short answer and repeat it every time the question is asked. Try to change the subject, of course, but that may just lead to a question on the new topic repeated over and over.

Considering that poor Mother is not doing this deliberately to drive you nuts, it is surprising how effective it is for achieving that outcome!

Hang in there!

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