What is a free or low cost way of getting access to my mother's bank accounts to pay her bills while she is in a Skilled Nursing Facility?

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My mother is in SNF w/CHF, pneumonia, etc. plus dementia. I need a free/low cost way of getting access to her bank so I can pay her bills. There is total cooperation between my sister and I on her health and financial needs. SNF calls us to make her medical decisions, so no problem yet, but we need to make her financial decisions, have access to her bank, sign over title for her trailer and car if sold, etc. The SNF says she does not have the capacity to understand and make decisions.
What can I do? Power of Attn?, note from doctor(s)?

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You should check with a local attorney or her doctor. You may be able to have her declared incompetent/incapable of handling her affiars & therefore in need of a guardian.... each state has different laws/terms for this, so you need to check locally
If the reason is to pay her bills, you can get her checking account routing number and account number off of her checks and go online to sign her up for online bill pay for all of her utilities, credit cards, etc. If you want access to her assets, then you will have to prove her incompetent and become power of attorney, which I think starts out at 1800.00 to start the process.
I have POA of my mother-in-law and pay all her bills online.

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