barbara57 Asked August 2010

How do I stop my sister from moving my Mother away from me?


My sister isnt thinking of Moms best wellfare..Please Help

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Soverytired Nov 2011
Good for you for contacting a geriatric specialist, this should help make sure the focus stays on the welfare of your mom and dad.
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Carol72156 Nov 2011
I wonder what happened with Barbara57's situation. She may have been in the same fix as I am now. I am taking care of Mom and Dad with the help of hired caregivers, the VNA and their Drs. My sister visits every other month for a couple of days and now wants to move them into assisted living or a nursing home. Why, I wonder, does she want to make my job harder? It's not like we stop caring for our parents when they're in assisted living or in a nursing home. As caregivers, we are still monitoring their meds but now have the complication of workers who are not hired by us but are working for an institution. I, for one, have contacted a geriatric case manager with the VNA to help us sort this out because we share Power of Attorney responsibilities.
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Do either of you have Guardianship or Durable Power of Attorney? Unfortunately, taking care of an elderly parent often results in major family conflict and disagreements. Obviously, the first step is to try and talk rationally with your sister, and get her to understand your point of view.

If that doesn't work, and she is adament about moving mom away, and you feel this isn't in your mom's best interest, then you might have to get an elder law attorney or mediator involved. I hope it doesn't come to that. Everyone in the family should try to put aside personal differences and focus on what's best for your mom.
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