I've worked with the elderly, disabled, and impaired for 12 years and i'm tying to find a place to work.

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I did a direct hire through our mental service did not work through an agency. I was also a program manager for 6 yrs setting up cases and meeting new clients. I don't know where to start looking and no one seems to have answers for me


Have you checked with any of the local government departments to see if they have any job openings that would be a good match?

What was your previous employment, did you have to leave or was the job eliminated?

Another idea since you are use to setting up cases and meeting new clients, check with private caregiving Agencies. See if they have a need for a new client rep, or a caregiving scheduler.
In the 21st century, all agencies take applications online. So pick someone you want to work for and be ready to submit your resume online via their website.
not sure what agencies are around here. I left my previous employment to move to virgina now just looking for answers to where to apply I've called a couple places and no one has answers
I've called social service and they couldn't give me any info either
Go to Virginia Employment Division as a start. http://www.vec.virginia.gov/

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