Where is the wall?

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Everyone keeps talking about "my wall" ... messages on my wall ... where is it??? Thanks.


If you go to your "News Feed" on the right under "My Account", if messages are posted on your wall, as you scroll down through your feed, you'll see messages and they'll say at the top, "Posted on your wall". So it could be a message or a hug. I'll send you a hug right now so you can try it out by looking at your news feed. :)
P.S. If you want to post on someone else's wall, click on their name and then you can write your message (and even check the check box to keep your message private if you want). You can also add a "hug" which is a picture that you can select from a group above the message. Let me know if you have any questions about that.
i have a question about hugs , blannie . what does one click on to get his n*ts hugged around here ?
this hepc healing process is going to get me in trouble -- might be feeling too good ..
Oh Captain, you made me LAUGH out loud! I'm still laughing!! I'll give you a hug but I don't think it will be the "squirrel" hug you want - since squirrels love their you-know-whats. :)
Where is the wall?

It's an fantastic Rock Opera from Pink Floyd.. Which coincidentally has several songs I can relate to regarding my caregiver role.LOL

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