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I was in the process of returning to school to learn about geriatric medicine when I came across this site. It is wonderfully unfortunate to see others are going through the same drama I am going through. I say unfortunate b/c taking care of aging parents should not fall onto the shoulders of one or two siblings when there are others. I say wonderfully b/c there is comfort in knowing others are going through the same thing. God bless all caregivers!


It shouldn't fall on any one person. Unfortunately, I'm an only child. My spouse is helpful, but I'm still basically on my own.
I am very grateful for this website because I have found I am not alone and sad to say,there are others going through much worse than I.My 2 brothers havent lifted a finger to help Mother,mu,ch less me for 9 hard years.I am trying to figure out how they live with themselves.Take care.luckylu
I felt the same way, but one brother decided to die on me. The other moved away years ago, and doesn't plan to come back, After 40 years, it's hard to leave a town...Just keep smiling, know you are doing your best, and have a best friend as a sounding board. Well this site is a great sounding board.
Thank you all for sharing! My Mother has lived with for over 10 years now. My sister moved 2 1/2 hours here to help with her. I was never prepared for this as my Mother has always been very independent, until about 3 years ago. She was a heavy smoker and it has really aged her so much that she can longer care for herself. She has Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis so severe that she took a fall and suffered multiple fractures of her pelvis. She will still get up in h
house after everyone is in bed and roam after her doctor tells her once she takes her sleeping medicine to stay in bed. I have told her as well due chance of fall. We have reached out for professional help with her after trying go it alone. God bless you all. It helps to know we're not alone-thank you so much!
After reading about how the state wants an account of every dime spent for taking care of one's loved one if he/she needs medicaid, that adds to the level of stress caregivers are already under. Nursing homes charged my mother over $200 per day when she was admitted for rehab. She was told by her doctor she needed to be there for 14 days. She had to pay out of her own ssvings. Even though the care was pretty good, I would never charge my loved one anything close to that amount though I have to attend to her needs 7-days per week as her caregiver. It is as though the state would rather see people go without proper care or die sick and in poverty.
state wants an account of every dime spent on care of elderly?
you should see what welfare recipients get away with and the state does not give a hoot about out and out fraud that is easily proved.

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