Short term memory loss.

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Mom is 86 and scores 25 on test from Dr. He tells me it isn't alzheimers. She does not remember anything current, but still able to take care of her self. I live with her and take care of everything, shopping, cooking, cleaning, monitor her meds. She does crosswords several hours a day, can even play bridge.


I think we all have some short term memory loss as we get older, especially if one is no longer employed with a daily work routine to keep our minds active. Both my parents are well into their 90's, and I noticed it is Dad that has a bit of short term memory loss as I find I am repeating myself to him about things we had discussed a few days ago.

And my Dad admits his memory isn't as good as it use to be... and that's a positive sign that he realizes it. The stuff he forgets isn't all that important. I noticed that since my parents aren't physically active with yard work, like they were last year and all the years before, that Dad's thinking is slowing down :(
My memory isn't what it used to be and I'm a lot younger. If her doctor has done a workup on her and there is no underlying reason for memory issues such as an infection or other illness, then it's probably just her age. If she is still able to care for herself, take her meds, cook. etc, then she's doing well. Unless her short term memory becomes much worse I really wouldn't worry. If you see she has confusion, strange behaviors etc, then I'd say she has something medical; confusion usually sets in quickly when there is an UTI or other illness. A 25 on her exam isn't bad. I'm glad she is able to take care of her needs.
The memory is really bad. She asks the same question over and over, doesn't remember the day, or if she ate. She does associate some things, as we play bridge on Mondays, I can tell her it is Monday and she knows we will play bridge..but as soon as we return home, she doesn't remember playing. She is my best friend, so am having quite a time emotionally, this site helps.
golfangel my mom is very similar. She's 95, has virtually no short-term memory, but is otherwise doing pretty well. She'll ask me the same thing 5X in 5 minutes...she won't remember a phone call 10 minutes later.

I got her a little clock with the day and time and temperature, so she can figure out what day it is. But she forgets to look at the clock (which is right next to her chair). She can't remember she's 95, so I printed it out on the computer in big letters. I have it pinned to her couch, but she can't remember to look there. The only blessing I've found in it is that if she's upset (she cries now from time to time, which is very unusual for her before she got old), she won't remember it an hour later. So that's good...I feel your pain. It can be very challenging at times.
golfangel, it sounds like she has cognitive impairment. Doctors can't diagnose dementia on basis of a short test, though they can note cognitive decline. Probably family are the first to know when dementia is setting in. Even if it is some form of dementia, life can still be good. It sounds like she is enjoying herself, but it is sad she can't remember the enjoyment.
Thank you all for your comments. Thought I'd share a story about mom. Saturday with about 6 ladies we were swimming when one of the ladies had a riddle.. She said a cowboy rode into town on Friday and stayed 3 days and then left on Friday, how is that possible..within seconds mom answered! The horses name was Friday. All the other ladies, younger and with no memory problems were completely flabbergasted!
I am a 65 ur..old woman who has been dealing with STML since in my 20's due to bi-lateral kidney disease that wasn't diagnosed until I was 35 yrs .old.I was concerned,back then,that something horrible was happening to my brain,until I educated myself ,not thru my Dr but in the days before internet,my local library.Now,with understanding how kidney disease effects my body, in ways I would never imagine,I don't think too much about not being able to recall conversation when interrupted & trying to explain to people,especially strangers,why I can't recall what was just said.Its not just this cercumstance.My husband will tell me he's told me things that I don't recall hearing. The same goes for the rest of my family,especially my grown children & grown grandchildren.I get some really strange looks from then.Its like;Yes we told you mom!!!,through it all,I have learned to make note in notebooks so I don't forget.For those if you who are dealing with parent's dementia/alhiemers',I can't immagine what you go through on a
daily basis.Seek the support you need,take the breaks you need to just be re-energized."Employ" other family members and DON'T take no for an answer!!!..They are their parent also!!!..I have seen too much if this in families.It takes a village to raise a child and the same goes to care for an elderly parent.

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