I just want to thank you all for your understanding, care, and compassion. It's nice to know you're not alone!

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Wow. You are very thoughtful. Thank-you!
Ain't it though?!? Lol! I'm with you, Roxy, I get a LOT from this site. These good people are saving my sanity, there's just no doubt about it. Its good to say "thanks" once in awhile, so here's my "THANK YOU" as well to all the AC users.
Same feelings of thanks here...thanks to all of the folks who take the time to offer their wisdom and expertise on such a variety of subjects. Many times when I feel sorry for myself, I come here and read some of the posts and feel SO fortunate with my caregiving circumstances.
It was over 5 yrs ago that I found I was not alone and there were people out in the world who got it-I almost cried when I got my first response and knew someone cared-I have been a widow for over 4 yrs. but stick around to pay back for all the kindness and understanding I got that saved my sanity back those years and for those who pulled me up out of the black hole many times.
Ditto here! I'm so thankful to everyone on here. I've learned a lot about care giving especially my Mom's advancing dementia. Hugs....
yup, when you get frazzled you can always visit here and find people who have considerably worse situations. it isnt consolation necessarily, imo its a perspective reevaluation.
Also sharing what worked for you is a great help to others and sometimes just venting it what you need most-our friends do not get it if they have never been a caregiver.
I, also appreciate this site. I was suicidal last year from caregiving 2 bedridden parents. Father was bedridden a year and I was drowning from caring for them as night shift, and then do my full time job Mon-Fridays. I found this site on a Friday. 3 days later, I woke up on Monday and realized that I'm living in a prison forever (father just started his dementia...mom's dementia was going on 23 years. Do the math - I would literally be caregiving forever.) And decided to kill myself on Friday when my bosses return from vacation. I am sooooo glad that I was helped by wonderful people. I am so fortunate that I did not run into threads where I was attacked or I would not have been able to handle it.

I HAVE and still am benefiting so much from this site. Father's dementia is different from mom's path. So, it's like starting all over. And - I have cyber friends.
I think our cyber friends here are the greatest-they understand.
This sight saved my sanity. When I was drowning from inexperience, grief, rage, and exhaustion; the wonderful people on this sight threw me a lifeline. They gave me love, acceptance, and support. I am so grateful to everyone Thank you all for your compassion and love. You people are exemplary.

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