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I have my mother living with me in an attached granny flat, I am an only child and recently have become her full time carer. We have never had a great relationship, but it is just going from bad to worse, she is in early stages of dementia, and I know she is frightened, I am trying my hardest, but she is just being awful to me..


I recommend you look up Teepa Snow and watch a few of her videos. Best trainer EVER on dealing with Dementia. :-) Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for that, will have a look :)
wow fantastic you tube videos of Teepa, was so interesting..thnx for the recommendation
Have you considered trying to work with her to record her life story? Is this something she might be in to? Your mom might take an interest recording her life story, this would give her something to do. You will have her life story recorded for your future generations. Also, maybe working with her on something that she might enjoy could also help save/repair your relationship.

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