Mom passed a memory quiz today.

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My mother has been getting better. I don't know what type of "dementia" she had, so can't really say what is causing the difference. Her memory has improved so much and her reasoning is even getting better. This started happening when she switched from eating waffles with sugar-free syrup for breakfast to eating bacon, eggs, and a piece of toast. My mother is Type-II diabetic. Today a doctor came by and she aced the memory challenges. Whoa! You go, Mom. It may also help that she has been taking less Ativan lately.

No, we haven't found the cure for Alz. She probably didn't have that. Maybe it was a metabolic dementia from her poor diet? Whatever it was, I'm glad it is better. If she didn't need someone to shop for her and make sure she is taking her medicines right, she might not even need a caregiver. Yes, ideas are coming to mind.


BTW, her last two memory tests showed significant cognitive impairment. Dementia was diagnosed, though the type not specified.
Dementia has good days and bad. Also, fluctuating blood sugars ,Ativan can also effect mental status. Just keep an eye on her, you know her best and would notice anything "different" about her. I had a patient once that could give the MD all the right answere, name, place , time , president, however,just before the MD left the room the patient asked him when the banana boat would be leaving, the MD looked quizzically at me and I stated "yeah , I have been the captain of it all night." Just because someone can answere basic orientation questions doesn't mean they are all "there".
Jessie, maybe your Mom was lacking in protein that the bacon and eggs are giving her [that breakfast sounds sooooo good].

Anything that contains artificial sweeteners, such as that syrup, one should be careful... some act like a laxative thus any protein in the system is dispensed to quickly... just my non-scientific opinion.
My mom, who has vascular dementia and some aphasia from a stroke, scores 15 out of 25 on a mini mental exam. But extensive neuropsych testing before the stroke showed that her reasoning ability was shot. She has improved remarkably in the nh, good food, consistent treatment of medical issues have lessened her anxiety. I'm so glad your mom has improved!!
There is definite improvement the last few weeks. Today with the doctor I didn't have to fill in the gaps. She was able to talk back and forth with him and answer all his questions. I knew it would be that way, because I've been here while the improvement has been going on. I think about recent "grain brain" research and artificial sweeteners and wonder if eating things like waffles could have been starving her brain of things needed. She has been eating them every morning for years. Maybe her brain was starting to look like a waffle.

I don't know if this is a long-term change, but my fingers are crossed.
Lots of good stuff in eggs and B vitamins in pork (if there are any left by the time it's been magicked into being bacon, that is) - who knows? But good to hear, and long may it last - let's not look any gift horses in the mouth, eh.

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