Mom is at rest.

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Mom passed away peacefully on June 19, 2015, after 97 years and six months on this earth. The last year was very hard on both of us because of increasing dementia. The last two weeks, she was in so much pain, she just gave up and quit eating and drank very little.

She was able to stay in her room at assisted living and was in Hospice for a year. Hospice began 24-hour care five days before she passed. Anyone questioning Hospice should know that they lifted a heavy burden for me a year ago. I no longer had to manage her medications, take her to doctor appointments, or buy her Depends and other personal supplies. There social workers, aid, nurse, and chaplains made regular visits.

Hospice allowed me to become a caring daughter and begin the long-slow grieving process. It made the passing of my mother so much easier. I am so thankful that my mother is now out of the constant pain she suffered the last four years of her life.

My time on Aging Care has come to an end. It was the best website for finding answers and finding out I was not alone in the whole process.


Nansacola my deepest condolences to you. I am happy for you that Hospice care was good for you and allowed you that time.

I am grieving too for my Mom. Don't hesitate to continue posting cause I have found this site to be a real comfort for me with the grieving process as well.
Nansa, I am very sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry for your loss, but happy you could be a loving daughter to your mom until the end. Hugs to you.
Very sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for pointing out the benefits of this site and how hospice was helpful to your family. Good info to share.
Nansacola, sorry for your loss. Bless your future journey, a new chapter for you!

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