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Took mom of the seroquel several weeks ago since it made her loopy as all get out, not to mention pooping in the middle of the bathroom floor.

Started her on Resperidone 2 days ago. She keeps asking where "Jeanette" is asking if her Uncle is going to stop by.... and and... pooped her pants earlier. She's also hallucinating about people outside and worried about those people on the tv.

She doesn't get agitated all the time..... why won't they just prescribe her something fast acting for when she does?? Crud. I HATE HATE HATE this disease.... I'm about to burst into tears listening to her. I'm thinking of skipping the resperidone and only use it when needed.... breaks my heart


And it just keeps getting worse... she's crying about daddy (her husband) wants to go home, want's her boys to come get her. Doesn't know who I am.... where is that rock to bury my head under. This medication isn't helping at all. I see HUGE down hill changes when she starts this stuff. Damned I give it to her, damned if I don't. :(((
Jeanette ugh!!! Been there with the revolving meds.. My Mom takes 0.25mg 2x a day 12 hrs apart...
What is your mom taking?

Mine is on 40 mg's of citrapolan and now .5 of the resperidone. Both are in the evening to help with wandering. It sure makes her act so much differently...and not in a GOOD way!!
The only (psych) drug she takes is 0.25mg of risperdone (generic) twice a day 8am and 8pm.. She was having daily panic attacks usually around 4am when she awoke. The risperadol has stop them completely.. She doesn't sleep thru the night but will doze off and on.. But doesn't come looking for me any more at 4am. Now it's usually around 6-7am...

Oops I meant to add that she tried 2 other anti depressants and they made her cooky... The anti psychotic works better for her than the depressants..
Maybe I will start giving it to her a little bit earlier. Like 7:00 P.M. This way it's mostly out of her system when she gets up. No no no... cannot do the BM thing. I kept smelling was following me...sniff sniff?? Mom, did you have an accident? No... sniff sniff.....are you sure mom?... so she stuck her hand down her back side and smelled them.... I had no need to smell them, I saw brown fingers:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Oh, goodness. Remind me not to eat dinner and read AC right away. Does something simpler like lorazepam not work? Or is she more agitated than that in the evening?
Evenings are fine for me.... it's mornings that she's hallucinating, talking to the tv and generally "gone".Crying for dad, waiting for her "sons" to show up, seeing people outside....good Lord she bitches out the girls on The View...Is it always this way when starting new meds?
Jeanette, my mother is worse in the morning, too. We should adopt the term sunup-ing. My mother usually feels better in a couple of hours after rising. Evenings she can get a bit unusual, but not as lost or sick as in the morning. With mine her problems could be triggered by the low blood sugar she sometimes wakes up with. I am grateful for orange juice.
Maybe you could speak with doctor about just taking the risperdal by itself...

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