Independence with security of my old parents.

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I am taking care of my old parent. Their health is degrading and I am always worried about them.
I cant be unfortunately with them always.

I think the solution might be an emergency alert system, but I am not sure if it is worth it and if it really takes my worries away.
Any suggestions if anyone has used it and if it worth buying and take our worries away?


Gosblessyou, I know what you are going through. My aging parents are in their mid-90's and still live home alone, it's their choice. Every time the telephone rings and I see their caller ID, I freeze, my heart starts to pound, and I can barely say hello. Both parents are of clear mind with some very minor memory issues.

I tried to get Dad to subscribe to one of those emergency alert systems but he said no, maybe in a couple of years.... sigh, guess he wants to wait until he is 100 before getting one :P Plus he didn't want to pay the monthly fee.

What would put me at ease and let me sleep through the night is if my parents would sell that darn house and move into a retirement community. But none of their siblings ever did that, everyone clung to their home until they were carried out to live in a nursing home or final days in a hospital. Don't our parents understand what they are putting us through? Or is it they are in denial?
My mom subscribed to Lifeline for years. She wore a pendant and help was available at the push of a button. One thing I liked was that she had to check in every month, it got her used to pushing the button and talking to the switchboard so she would be more apt to use it if needed. Fortunately for us she never needed to, but gave us all peace of mind as she live alone on the farm and we were not close enough to check on her every day. Think of it like insurance, you hope you won't need it but you invest in it in case you do. It was pricey at $40 a month, but there are lots of other options out there today as the technology advances. Just be aware, some folks on this site have reported that their loved one used it to manipulate their family and kept them running to help constantly, so you have to take into consideration your mom's personality when you choose an alert system.
Hey! Thanks for sharing!
I am ready to invest 40 dollars per month in it, but can you really force your parents to wear something like this? I have seen some emergency wristbands on the internet, my concerned is, if she can use actually use this in the case of emergency. What do you think?
You can't force your parents to wear anything anymore than you can force any adult to wear something.

My step-brother never bought his dad anything like that until he was finally willing to wear it.
In one of our monthly caregiving, one caregiver said that there's a website that sells a watch with a GPS in it. The watch is a bit tricky to take off. Once it's put on, it stays on. She found the website from the alzheimer's website. She gave us the website but .... I misplaced my notes. FYI, my dad is 86 years old and bedridden. He still wears his watch every day.

... I went to the Alz website and searched watch gps... I found from their site a gps company: Revolutionary Tracker. Google the name, maybe give them a call and ask for their monthly rates. They have pretty watches. And it even gives out a tamper alert by email, etc...
Hi Bookluvr, Thanks a lot for your reply. Pls do not take me wrong, but in case your dad cannot take that watch off easily, would he be able to trigger it in case of emergency?
Dear Cmagnum,
Yes you are right in this case! I even told my mom dat I will get this band done in a jewellery, as she was not ready to wear it and she replied that she doesnt wear one piece of jewellery everyday. It is very difficult to get a combination of good design+ price competitive+ user acceptance and technology that we want.

But if I will gift her, and she thinks a lot about my money, I know she will wear it.
What do you think?
cwillie, can you please share with me the link where this this discussion happened, in case you remember. Thankyou!
Sorry, I was thinking more of Wandering. Not of medical alert - if they fell. The watch with gps is if they tend to walk out of the home and get lost. From what I've seen,

Have you tried checking the ad on this site. I just noticed the one on the right of this comment box. MEDICAL GUARDIAN. I clicked on it - and you fill out the info and I think they will send you more info. On the ad is the box alert, the necklace and the watch. Coincidence?
Gosblessyou, use the search this site box on the upper right with "fall detection". There are lots of threads and aging care articles.

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