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my dad has PD and likes to go for walks-he's not able to handle a walkie talkie-what can he use to call for help when he falls?


The cell phone is the only thing I can think of as a home alert system will not work when too far from the house. How far does he go? Can anyone go with him? It does not seem as though he should go alone, but he probably won't listen, right?
Can he use a whistle? He could blow the whistle if he falls and someone would hear him. But I dont think that being alone is the best idea as he could become lost or a victim of a crime.
Cell Phone and a loud whistle.
jitterbug has an accessory that you can attach it to around the neck. Does he have a jitterbug?
you can sign for father up for safe return with the alzheimers assocation, there is a small fee and they put all the medical alerts sign on the medal now and also give a card with all his medicines and who to call in case he falls. It comes in a medal form or braclket. Its helps.patrica61
thank you-what is a jitterbug? He doesn't have the air to blow a whistle and a cell phone is beyond his capability
Jitterbug is a cellphone especially made for seniors or anyone who wants a simple phone. Jitterbugs are just simple cell phones with big buttons to dial, and there is also a jitterbug with one button that contacts a live operator who can make the call for the senior. The buttons are big and no other special features are there to confuse the senior. You can find it at CVS drug stores ..and I think Walmart might carry them now. But if not, go to to learn more. Hope that helps.

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