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A few of us have experienced pop-ups advising of security issues; this has occurred in the last few days. I myself received a McAfee notice advising that the security certificate wasn't accurate and that proceeding to this site wasn't advisable.

I've noticed also that the posts take several times as long to load.

I've just asked the Admins to check this out, also stating that I would be starting a post here so that anyone else who's experienced security warnings, blocking by IE or Firefox (or other browser), or similar problems, could share them all together so the Admins can determine what problems are occurring and check them out.

Someone expressed concern whether this site is still safe; I'm concerned as well.

If you've had access problems, security warnings, or noticed anything else different, could you share here so the issues can be addressed? Thanks!


Nothing odd going on here. I use Chrome.
No problem, but when I wrote a comment and try to scroll down to the send button, the page doesn't scroll, jumps back up and up again.
No security issues.
Oh, I use Chrome too, and type in my tablet. M88
I was on chrome when my hacker message came up earlier. The it manager at my work suggested changing password and did some stuff to my phone to make sure it was safe.
Hi GardenArtist, I got a warning earlier today on Firefox similar to the message you described.

Also has anyone else noticed that there have been a few really awkwardly-worded posts that seem suspicious (e.g. posts comprised of commonly used phrases on this site, but the phrases are randomly stuck together so they don't quite make sense.) It reminds me of those spam e-mails that appear to originate outside English-speaking countries.
What are we going to do?
Don't panic.
Bring a towel.
lindylu, those garbled posts that look like electronically generated spam? They are electronically generated spam. Not to worry. These make extra work for administrators but won't deflate our life jacket.
LindyLu, the phrases you mentioned could also be non native English speaking people who are attempting to play games by posting provocative posts, drawing posters in to respond and become participants in their games.

Or they could be bots, as Jeanne describes. One of the best forums I've been on was targeted for a massive attack over a Christmas holiday. From around Friday to Monday, several thousand advertisement posts bombarded the site and shut it down. My recollection is that it was 2,000 or 3,000 posts, but it was more than a few years ago and I don't remember the specific number.

No problem for me..I use chrome..

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