I find each time Mom goes through one of her dementia phases, she loses more of her memory, or something is different.

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Pt 2...She loved her tea "hot" but now it's too hot..recently a nurse came by and saw a complete change as she was here..dementia is progressing. 16/02/22


Progressing is what dementia does.

What is a "dementia phase" in this context?

Do you have a question for us?
An episode of her behaviours, she loses part of herself
Can you expandand explain a little more?
Its like she slips into a place, and she gets made, or she goes back to the 1940's and after this..her behaviour comes out different. Likes change, or forgets. The last 2 wks she hasn't completed her knitting..she forgot how. All afternoon and this evening she hasn't touched them...she is an avid knitter
What is an episode of behavior like? She throws a tantrum? She falls down? She sits and weeps for hours? Just what are these episodes like? How long do they last?

But most of all, what is your question for us?

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