Dad is so grabby.

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About 6 weeks ago my dad took a tumble and went to the ER. He broke 2 ribs. The next day (in the hospital) he had a heart attack, then pneumonia, followed by a chest tube. He also suffers from some serious delusional behavior that started when he was admitted. Now he is in a nursing home. For all intents and purposes he seems bonkers. We have a neurologist appt in a few weeks. In the meantime he is getting seroquel for the hallucinations and ativan to help him sleep.

He does seem to have a level of dementia but we aren't sure what that level is yet. Since being admitted to the hospital he has become really "grabby". He grabs his clothes, other people's clothes, and just about anything else within his reach. It's so weird, he has NEVER been that way before. Does anyone else see that grabbiness in their loved one? Any idea what causes it?


I have seen that grabbiness and heard other caregivers describe it. The context of my exposure is dementia, but I don't know if it is exclusive to that disorder. I don't know what causes it, but I know your dad is not unique.
My dad has gotten very grabby too, always reaching out and picking at things. He's blind and getting dementia, so I'm sure that's got everything to do with it.
My mom also became very grabby when she went to the ED after falling. I believe it could be a symptom of extreme anxiety or delirium. She was given morphine for pain and the grabbing began soon afterwards, maybe the morphine could also cause this.

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