We suspect my aunt has a gambling problem and having POA steal funds.

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Stealing from her Dad's account to feed her habit. We do not have absolute proof but we do know how much money he had, and his average cost per month needed from his bank account and the numbers just do not add up. He recently passed away and my aunt claims he ran out of money several months ago and that she subsidized the rest. Our family is not concerned out the money, but would like to find a way to uncover the truth without the courts getting involved. We do not want her to be prosecuted if she did embezzle, but would like to find out the truth so that we can be justified with evidence for an intervention and get her I to treatment and hopefully repay some of the money to a charity of her choice.


Just realized I can't edit for errors and wanted to clarify my question is...does anyone know of way to do an audit of how his money was spent without getting the courts involved. We would like to do an intervention, but would like solid evidence first.
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Chodogs, she hasn't started a new medication, perhaps for Parkinson's, has she? It can cause compulsive gambling.

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