OMG, all of a sudden tonight he became so angry.

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Nothing I could do would stop it. He has never done this before. The nurse was here today and he was fine. Suddenly tonight he had to go to the bathroom. I said ok, let go. But, he wanted to wait. He was adamant as his show was on. I was in our bedroom as he likes watching his fighting shows. Since he did not want to go then, I said I would be back. When I got back he thought I had gone out somewhere. (for cigarettes). I don't smoke cigarettes... He was furious. If he tries to go alone, he will fall and be in a care home if he breaks his hip or something. He just does not get it. I cannot figure out what caused the sudden anger outburst. I am not used to this behavior. God I hate this disease. If this happens anymore, he may have to go live in a facility as I cannot deal with outbursts like this. I will ask the nurse tomorrow what could have caused this and is the medication the culpret? Or an infection??? I hope I can make it. Being a caregiver does have its limits. I love him dearly...Now that he is on Hospice, I would think the nurse will know what to do. I think I read where they can give them some drugs to calm him down. I figured he would get over it. An hour later and he is STILL angry.


Hang in there!

Do not wait to talk to the nurse until tomorrow. Call the 24-hour number you were given. You may not get to talk to "his" nurse, but someone will be on call and can give you some guidance. Were you given a drug kit when you enrolled? I kind of forgot about ours because I was thinking of pain and hubby wasn't in pain. But there is also something for anxiety etc.

Please. Call the support number!

(And hugs to you.)
We would give mom a small glass of red wine, 2-3 oz when she got mad. It really did mellow her and put a blush on her cheek.
Oregongirl, I did some search on the Aging Care website and found this article that I hope will be helpful, anyway give you some insite as to what is going on.
Jean....His hospice starts today. The nurse to register will be here in about two hours. He woke up this morning to go to the bathroom and he was the mellow self he always is. I keep forgetting I cannot discuss things with him. I was so used to making comments on the news and tell him about this person and that person. Not anymore. He looks at me like WHAT? So, I talk to the dog. That is one thing I did not even think about. Yes we need to get out and talk to a human being now and then. The dog just follows me around everywhere. I think she knows something is going on. She is so close to my Partner and now will not even get up on his lap.
Excellent Idea Pam. He loves a good German Beer. We have to special order it. I will try a 1/2 glass now and then. FREG FLYER. Thanks for the website. I am on my way to look at it.

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