Attention AgingCare Members: Announcing Exciting Site Updates

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In the coming months, we will be updating a number of aspects of in order to improve the usability of the site for you, our members. The two most significant pending changes are a new navigation bar along the top of the site and an improved layout for our articles. These will be applied towards the end of July/beginning of August.

It will take a bit of getting used to, but it is our hope that this simplified navigation will help members and newcomers alike locate the information they are looking for. All of our articles, questions, answers, discussions, etc. are still live and intact, but they will be organized a bit differently moving forward.

For your reference, we have provided a quick guide to using the new navigation below. (NOTE: These details may not make complete sense until we publish the updates and you see them.)

-The Caregiver Forum (Support Groups and Discussions) can be found under “Ask a Question.”

-You can find information on all types of Senior Living under “Find Care.”

-To access content that was previously filed under Caregiver Support (Caregiver Burnout, Emotional Wellbeing, Tough Issues, etc.), click on “Caregiving.”

-Content that was previously filed under Elder Care (Daily Care, Health Conditions, End of Life and Hospice, etc.) can be found under “Healthy Aging.”

-The Money and Legal Section is located in a drop-down menu that appears when you click on the three lines next to our logo on the far left of the blue navigation bar.

-The search box can also be located in the drop-down menu.

To ensure you are logged into your account, look for your avatar in the top right of the navigation bar. (If you are not logged in, you will see the “LOGIN” link in that spot instead.) Once you are logged in, you can access your account information, news feed and public profile by either clicking on your avatar or using any of the “Membership” links in the drop-down menu described above. You can log out by using the link in the drop-down as well.

Improvements to our articles include larger, easier-to-read text, clearer formatting, and an accessible “share bar.”

As always, when it comes to upgrading or trying something new, there are bound to be a few kinks that will pop up and need to be ironed out. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we work through this process to make AgingCare as user-friendly and informative as possible. The entire AgingCare team has been working hard on these changes, and we are excited to finally share them with you!

We appreciate your feedback and will be actively monitoring this thread. If you have any questions or concerns about these updates, please feel free to post them below. Thank you!



Oh I hope the new format will be easy.... I am too tired to learn anything complex :P
I hate change, but if I could get used to windows 10 I should be able to handle this too LOL!
I hope it's easy.The only thing I ever look at on my computer is Agingcare.It is my lifesaver!
AC is a great resource for so many whether it is advice we are seeking or we just need to vent!

I don't suppose that an edit function, that so many want, has been added yet?
Thanks for the heads-up on the changes.

If I could request anything, it would be these:

1. Larger response box so it's easier to proofread, and

2. Edit function. It's easier for people to read responses and avoid confusion because of accidental omissions, misspellings, or autocorrect gremlins - sometimes I've read posts that seemed too inaccurate or inappropriate and skipped them, only to see that there were subsequent posts which corrected the errors.

An edit function could be added w/o also adding a delete function, which I think might be an underlying concern.

On the other hand, sometimes posts are made in an emotional state and someone later regrets having written what could be embarassing, inaccurate or offensive.

Thanks again for your attention to upgrading the site.
Hear Here! I agree with everything GardenArtist requested, especially a larger Comment box!
There have been many times I've wished to edit my responses, but then had to begin a whole new comment to correct my previous message! Thank you in advance! Stacey B
I agree with all of the above posters, known to me as the early poster most helpful crowd. I love them!

Please do not go offline for more than 24 hours at a time, or people needing a lifeline to advice and help may freak out!
Please add the edit function!! You can simply set it up to edit your post before there are any responses, if there is a concern of someone going back and editing their post to change what was said after someone responds. *Many* other forums have this feature with that particular setup - no editing after a response is posted.
An Edit feature -- that's my big beef ...
We NEED an edit function! And an ability to delete a comment or a thread (that you started). Those are the only two major beefs I have with the site. Thanks for a great resource!

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